My essay on Charlotte Perkins Gilman is up at LitHub!

Behind-the-scenes glimpse: I wrote this essay, from scratch, twice. I spent a full week pulling research tidbits, choosing quotes from “The Yellow Wallpaper,” synthesizing my argument, citing my sources, tweaking every sentence — and one morning before boarding a plane for a book event, as I went to send it to my publicist so she could submit it for consideration, I went to attach the 1000-word file I’d worked so hard on, and then… nothing. All traces of the file had disappeared from my computer, somehow. I swore I’d saved as I went along, but the filename didn’t even appear in any of the directories on my Mac. All that work had vanished.

I was not happy.

But I’ve always wanted to have an essay on LitHub, and I desperately wanted to tell this Charlotte’s story (in addition to the fictional Charlotte Smith’s story that I tell in Woman 99, and you’ll see in the essay how these two are linked), so I went ahead and boarded my plane, and as soon as the voice over the loudspeaker said “We have reached cruising altitude… you may now use laptop computers,” I started all over again.

The good news was that it went faster the second time. The even better news was that LitHub accepted it for publication. It went live a few days ago and the response has been wonderful to see.

And now all you have to do is click here — once — to read it.

WOMAN 99 recommended for your book club!

The wonderful Kate Quinn, author of the runaway bestseller The Alice Network and the upcoming The Huntress, put together a fabulous list of historical fiction recommendations for book clubs at BookBub. And of course I was thrilled to see WOMAN 99 on the list.

Great books like Kris Waldherr’s The Lost History of Dreams, which I’ve read and blurbed, are here, as well as some that are new to me and now I’m desperate to read. (Historical fiction except with Aphrodite? Sign me up!)

Check out the whole list on BookBub here.

(Also, if you’re not following me on BookBub, please do! I regularly share recommendations for my favorite reads, and it’s a great way to find new authors and books you’ll love.)