25 copies of WOMAN 99 up for grabs on Goodreads!

First, I thought the most exciting thing that would happen today is that a giveaway for WOMAN 99 was posted on Goodreads. Fun stuff!

But then something else even cooler came down the pike.

Turns out the coolest thing that happened today is that more than ONE THOUSAND readers signed up for the WOMAN 99 giveaway. On the FIRST DAY.

(The grand total is actually about 1100 right now. And it’s not even midnight. I’m kind of tempted to stay up until midnight just to see what number we get to today. Because I’m a month from launch date and already kind of losing both my perspective and my mind.)

Anyway, see what number it’s up to now! And join in. The more, literally, the merrier.

Enter the giveaway here.