one week 'til WOMAN 99!

I am SO excited — the March 5 release date for WOMAN 99 is only one short week away.

I’ve been doing lots of fun guest posts, interviews and other fun things to prep for release, and starting on launch day, you’ll be seeing links to those with a vengeance.

So here’s a fun little tidbit to get started! A Q&A with the delightful Melissa Amster at Chick Lit Central — and it comes with a giveaway.

Learn who I’d cast for Charlotte & Phoebe, my secret 1970s inspiration for my 1880s novel, and much more.

Enjoy the Q&A by clicking here.

(The ChickLitCentral giveaway ends March 3. The Goodreads giveaway of 25 copies is still going until March 4. So enter anywhere and everywhere!)