WOMAN 99 is in the world!


Launch day for Woman 99 was so crazy I didn’t get a chance to update the blog or even switch things over on my site to say that the book was OUT instead of COMING SOON. But it’s out now! Available wherever books are sold. (Which I think always makes it sound like I don’t KNOW where books are sold, but it just means you should be able to find it in bookstores or online.)

And another list! Avalon Library named Woman 99 one of their best new books of the week.

More to come soon, when I get a spare moment! Just back from a fantastic event in conversation with Kate Quinn, whose The Huntress is every bit as mind-blowing as The Alice Network. Kate also happens to be one of the most generous, hardworking, and kind-spirited writers I know. So her success is really just wonderful to see. Catch her on tour if you can — she’s a great speaker — and definitely get your own copy of The Huntress to devour.