the GIRL IN DISGUISE virtual tour: signed copies and Skype!

I absolutely love going on book tour, but unfortunately, I can't do that this spring for the paperback launch of GIRL IN DISGUISE. I know, bummer, right? (Last year's for the hardcover was SO fun.) But here are a few ways I'm trying to be everywhere at once without leaving home:

  • I'm Skyping in to bookstores and bookclubs on request. Want me to Skype to yours? Send me a note through the Contact page on my site. (Two weeks notice would really be great.)
  • If you want your copy of GIRL IN DISGUISE signed, here's all you have to do. Buy it at your local bookstore in March, take a picture, and tag both me (@theladygreer) and the bookstore when you post it on your favorite social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Litsy, pretty much anything -- except Snapchat because I don't understand how it works because I am An Old.)

Percolating some other stuff too -- including some festivals and bookstore events local to DC -- and will keep you posted. Have you subscribed to my newsletter?

In the meantime, see you on social!