99-day countdown to WOMAN 99!

It’s hard to know when to start getting excited about a new book. Too far ahead and would-be readers get frustrated because they can’t get their hands on it yet; too close to launch date and you might miss the opportunity to get the right buzz happening at the right time.

WOMAN 99 has been written for a while — a few lucky people got their hands on advance copies as early as last year’s BookExpo in May — but we’re still a few months off from seeing it in bookstores.

So I somewhat arbitrarily made my decision: how about a 99-day countdown to WOMAN 99?

So in the days leading up to March 5, 2019, I’ll be talking up WOMAN 99 on my social media channels — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and I’ve got tidbits, quotes, hints, giveaways and some other great activities in store.

Can’t wait to share Charlotte, Phoebe and the many riveting stories of Goldengrove with you!