is Kate Warne having a moment?

As I roamed the country on pre-pub tour for GIRL IN DISGUISE last week, I found myself saying this sentence more than once: "I think Kate Warne's about to have a moment." Considering she died in 1868, the timing's a little odd. Then again, since my novel inspired by Kate's life is coming out next Tuesday (3/21), I'll take it. I wrote GIRL IN DISGUISE because I wanted her story to become better-known, and judging by what I've read lately, I'm not the only one.

So several books about Kate have popped or are popping up -- last year's How Kate Warne Saved President Lincoln was for young readers, and another children's book is due out in May called Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective. (I got an early copy, because I know awesome booksellers.)

Not only that, only days after I got home, I noticed two online spotlights of Kate for Women's History Month -- this one on and a Mental Floss roundup of 10 Trailblazing U.S. Law Women, in which Kate was #1. 

And now the TV series "The Pinkertons" from Canada is on Netflix, so you can also get your fill of TV Kate along with all the other Kates.

On my travels so far, the largest group I've been able to ask about Kate was an audience of 160 librarians. Of those 160, only 5 had heard of Kate before I introduced her. Next year, and the year beyond, if I ask a group of the same size the same question, I bet we'll come up with radically different numbers.

And I am so excited.