One more week...

Eek! Only one week until THE MAGICIAN'S LIE comes out! I heard it's been spotted on the shelves already at Costco, and shipping early from Powell's, but the "real" launch date is next Tuesday, January 13. Did you know in some cultures it's Tuesday the 13th, not Friday the 13th, that's considered unlucky? Well, thank goodness ours isn't one of them!

Two quick highlights that rolled in over the break:

  • TML was named one of "Three Books for a Long Winter Weekend" at Seriously, just the word "Oprah" in association with my book gives me rolling goosebumps from head to toe. Oprah! I may faint. They call it "The mystery more bewitching than a crackling fire."
  • There are only a few more days to enter the Sourcebooks giveaway at Goodreads -- nearly 1000 people have entered! That's pretty amazing! You should add your name to the list. 

Cannot believe how much exciting stuff is happening around here. Next Tuesday seems very far away, but I bet it'll be here in a blink.